Sarah Keeys, Interior Design
Kitchen Design, Sarah Keeys, Interior Design

Interior Designer, Styling and Home Staging

Sensitively designed private residential properties and commercial spaces.


Commissions for individual interior design projects to complete renovations. 

Each new project is treated with individual essence. Addressing the brief from the client's perspective thus creating high-end design that is both functional and beautiful.


We offer a bespoke interior design service, providing solutions to space, aesthetics and modern living. Sarah will also take on joinery commissions, creating unique pieces to fit the client's brief. Whether it's for an individual room or complete renovation, give us a call, we'd love to hear about your project and arrange a free consultation.

Passionate about beautiful artefacts and fine art. We offer a curation service of your existing collection as well as procurement of new artwork and antiques. Working with a diverse directory of antique dealers and collectors, adding depth and character to every interior space.

Project Management and Spatial design

In addition to our interior design services we can offer that extra something that makes your space unique. Whether residential or commercial, we take care of the devil in the detail. 

Spatial design and project management are all part of interior architecture, we've got that covered. 

If you're looking for something unique that reflects you, we're all ears. Inquisitive, tenacious, with a love for history, we can source the quirky and the wonderful. Tell us your story and let us complete your space with memories of a life lived.

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With an educational background in fashion as well as interiors - Sarah understands the strong relationship between good design and wellbeing.

Working closely with her clients in a gentle and intuitive way. her inquisitive nature, ability to listen and subtly observe ensures the client feels engaged at every stage of the design process.

Sarah's passion for creating interiors with character comes from growing up in a family of designers, each specialising in a different medium. Resulting in eclectic tastes and a mix of the old and new.

Her enthusiasm for colour and texture is endearing and encourages her clients to gently push the boundaries with palette and texture. Even the smallest addition to subtle, muted tones can make a big difference to an interior space.

The designer/client relationship is a powerful engagement making anything possible. Effective communication from the planning stages and throughout the journey ensures a successful outcome.


"Developing creative, authentic interiors with life enhancing results is exciting and rewarding"

Home Styling & Interior Design that's right for you

Collaborating with various antique dealers across the UK, Sarah has access to a wide range of pieces for the home or commercial space. Sourcing and procurement of art and antiques, teamed with a varied directory of designers and their products, means we can offer home staging as well as  home styling. 

As a home interior designer, its important to source the best ingredients for the perfect recipe. Whether it's kitchen design, bathroom design, or an individual room, it's about getting to know the client. Understanding their brief and reflecting their personality within the space. Every home is unique.

The Story So Far

Sandbanks residence. Canford cliffs. Bourneouth interior design. Interior styling Bournemouth

Having graduated with a BA in Interior Architecture from UAL, Sarah has worked on a number of complete renovations, as well as a variety of interiors projects for clients based across Hampshire, Dorset, London and Valencia.
Her experience in the interiors industry teamed with a three-year spell running an art gallery in Valencia, has fine-tuned her inquisitive, tenacious nature and eye for good design. 

Now settled in Hampshire, Sarah brings an essence of London style with her as well as her energy and passion for creating beautiful spaces. 

Currently studying Garden Design at Sparsholt College, Winchester Sarah is keen to correlate her love of plants and the outdoors with her interior design skills. Garden design is an essential part of an interiors project and already having a connection with the space, allows for a more meaningful design of the outdoor area. 

"Moving to the Hampshire countryside was a natural progression. The eclectic landscape compliments my love of the outdoors and passion for building character into every interiors project"

"With every project my focus is on creating beautiful, timeless spaces that are also functional and durable. Each concept is designed to withstand the test of time. 

Successfully addressing spatial configuration, scale, proportion and light as well as materials, texture and colours. "

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